Steam Dryers VS Regular Dryers – Which Is Better?

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A clothes dryer is one of the most important electrical appliances in the home. they basically spare the consumer from the agony of having to rely on weather elements such as the wind and the sun to get their clothes dry after cleaning. Some of the best dryers will actually dry your clothes within minutes if not seconds, plus your clothes come out refreshed and free of wrinkles. However, there are various types of dryers in the laundry market, with one of the latest entrants being the steam dryer. However, steam dryers have over the past few years, tended to receive quite a great degree of preference by homeowners. One would then want to understand the difference between steam dryers and the regular type of dryers before investing in this highly important home appliance. Here are some crucial pointers on steam dryers vs regular dryers in terms of their energy efficiency, mechanism of operation, cost, and how they deal with odors as well as wrinkles.

Steam Dryers VS Regular Dryers

Steam Dryers VS Regular Dryers – Factors

Mechanism of Operation

Basically, both steam and regular dryers work in a similar way to dry your clothes. However, regular dryers employ heated air and direct it on wet clothes to remove moisture through the process of evaporation. In addition to using heated air, steam dryers also use steam or moist air during the process. The moist air refreshes the clothes by softening the fabric and getting rid of wrinkles. How the steam cycle is applied on your clothes will largely depend on the steam dryer model. For instance, some models release a fine mist of steam whereas others apply a stream of pure steam. It is worth noting that the steam alone cannot dry your clothes, which is the reason why steam dryers use hot air in conjunction with the steam. In addition to reducing wrinkles and softening the clothes, the steam also deodorizes and sanitizes the clothes.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the most important factors to consider before buying a home electric appliance. This is why it is important to check that your appliance has the Energy Star label before making your purchase. According to the US Department of Energy, however, energy efficiency tends to not be an issue when it comes to clothes dryers as most models basically consume more or less the same amount of energy to operate. This is why they are not included in the Energy Star Database. This means that regardless of whether you use a steam dryer or a regular dryer, your energy costs will more or less be the same. Nevertheless, you may end up saving on costs in the long term when using a steam dryer since the steam also helps reduce wrinkles. There is also some speculation that the moisture sensors in the drum of steam dryers may help conserve energy.

The Bottom Line

From the pointers above, we can argue that steam dryers are more beneficial as compared to their regular dryer counterparts in the sense that steam dryers.

• Deodorize fabric and improves how your clothes smell
• Remove wrinkles more effectively
• Soften fabric without requiring an additional softener
• Help save time that would have been used de-wrinkling and softening clothes

It is important to note that different models of dryers will also vary in prices and depend on where you get yours from. In this case, research is key before approaching your purchase as far as price and quality are concerned. The good thing about the world nowadays is that you can purchase just about anything from the internet. There are a wide variety of online retail stores where you can order your regular or steam dryer, some of which even provide free shipping. Nevertheless, be sure to confirm that you are buying your appliance from a legitimate source, in which case online reviews and customer testimonials can come in handy during your research.

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