My House Stinks! Some Tips To A Better Smelling Home

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“My House Stinks!” is a realization that’s had from time to time. It can be so intimidating to get to your home, only to be welcomed by a bad foul smell. In most cases, such kinds of odors originate from things like mold, mildew, pets, and smoke, just to name a few. An odor that spreads throughout the air and stays in your manufactured house can also be caused by cooking, especially considering that most manufactured homes are somewhat smaller sized as compared to conventional homes. Nevertheless, these odors can eventually get into the carpet, walls, and furniture.

my house stinks

Needless to say, foul smells make it uncomfortable for homeowners to stay indoors. They can even be an embarrassment in front of guests, not forgetting that some of these bad smells are actually a sign of indoor air pollution and poor indoor air quality. Nevertheless, you first need to identify the source from where the bad odor is coming from in order to remove it. In other words, in order for you to breathe fresh clean air, you need to eliminate the source of the problem. Here are some tips on how to discover bad odors from your manufactured home and remove them.

My House Stinks! – Some Causes

Bad Smell from the Water Heater

Your manufactured home’s water heater can be a source of bad odor in your home. In order to determine whether the smell is coming from your water heater, all you have to do is let water flow in the bathtub. Afterwards, place your nose as close as possible and smell it. If you notice a foul smell, then the water heater can be the cause of the bad odor. In order to fix this consider replacing the anode rod. This is because it gets damaged with time. The anode rod is designed in a way that it can become progressively worse with time. If you are using soft water, the rod can last up to six years or even more. If you are using hard water, the anode rod may have a short life span of about six months or so.

Check Your Sink Pipes

The bent pipe of your sink, which is also known as the p trap, is also a potential source of bad odors in your manufactured home. This is because, during its use, it collects things such as hair, toothpaste, debris, and other dirt. The pipe may also start leaking is such debris stay there for a long time. It is this leakage that may end up being the source of bad smells in your home. All you have to do in order to correct this is to remove the p trap. You’ll then clean it using a long brush. You can also use an enzyme cleaner instead.  This is a chemical preparation that digests any trapped debris when forced through the pipe under pressure.

Bad Odors from Smoke

Indoor smoking is another highly common source of bad odors in both conventional and manufactured homes. If there is a smoker who smokes indoors in your home, it is important to note that the smoke is likely to penetrate in the carpet, walls, air ducts, and furniture. If he/she doesn’t smoke too much, you can use air fresheners or even open the windows often to increase the amount of fresh air circulating indoors.

For heavy smokers who regularly smoke indoors, you might want to consider deep cleaning the carpet. Repainting the walls and cleaning the ceilings are also good ideas. To get rid of heavy smoke smell you can also consider hiring a professional air cleaning company. However, the best way to get rid of bad odors from smoke is to avoid smoking indoors.

Bad Odors from Pets

A bad house odor can also be caused by the urine or droppings of your pet in the rug or carpet. This bad smell may return even when you wash the carpet yourself. in most cases, the best option is to take the carpet to a professional cleaner. Most of the professionals use a black light to look for blood and urine stains.

Bad Odors from the Kitchen

Your manufactured home’s kitchen may also be a source of bad odors in your home. It could be from a dirty dishwasher, a dirty garbage disposal, or the kitchen’s litter bin. At times, kitchen fumes from cooking may be the culprit. Especially if your kitchen doesn’t have an exhaust or hood range. Take the time to  check your kitchen and eliminate the foul smell sources appropriately.

Bad Odors from Mold Growth

If there’s too much humidity or moisture indoors, mold growth may be encouraged. This will lead to musty, damp odors in the air. Consider buying a dehumidifier or upgrading your manufactured home’s air conditioning system to improve indoor air circulation and quality.

With these tips, “my house stinks!” will become a thing of the past.