Manufactured Home Water Heaters – Keep The Water Hot

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Most modern manufactured homes come with water heaters already installed in a space either inside or outside the home. The location is dependent on its size and source of fuel as well as the mobile home model. Due to reasons such as irreversible damage or the need to upgrade, a manufactured homeowner may find it necessary to replace an existing water heater with a new unit. However, this can be a rather complicated process, especially for someone without prior knowledge about manufactured home water heaters.

Manufactured Home Water Heaters

There are some important factors to take into consideration during water heater replacement, even before you head to the market in search of a replacement unit. For instance, water heaters for manufactured homes are available in a wide variety of shapes, designs, and sizes, making important to consider the space available for the new unit. In addition, it is important to ensure that you buy the right type of heater for your manufactured home since most units come with supply vents, pipes or electric lines from the source of fuel already installed. To cut the long story short, here are some important considerations for replacing manufactured home water heaters you should have in mind.

Manufactured Home Water Heaters – Considerations

Approval for Manufactured Home Use

Whenever thinking of a replacement unit for your mobile home’s water heater, it is always important to go for a unit that has an H.U.D. safety approval. Going for one without approval may not only put you on the wrong side of the law, it may also void your warranty and negatively impact your insurance. Always go for a water heater that is specifically designed for manufactured homes.

Source of Fuel (Gas or Electric)

Most manufactured home water heaters are either gas or electric-powered. This means that the replacement unit should have the same fuel source as the existing one, even though options for converting gas to fuel and vice-versa are also available. However, you will want to take the cost of conversion into consideration. For gas, ensure that you for the right type of heater based on whether it uses propane or natural gas since connections for these may be different.

Water Heater Location

Water heater location is the other important factor to consider before seeking a replacement unit, especially if yours is a gas unit. The existing unit may be located either outside or inside your manufactured home as pointed out above. If it’s a gas unit and its located inside your home in an alcove or closet without outside access, a sealed combustion gas water heater will be the unit to look for. This water heater has an air inlet at its base, which leads to a combustion chamber in the unit. If your current propane or natural gas water heater is located outside your manufactured home and it has an outside access panel, a standard mobile home-approved gas water heater will do.

Available Installation Space

The other important factor to consider is the space available. The replacement unit should fit inside the available space that is left by the older unit. This means that before buying the new unit, you have to take accurate measurements of the existing space. In addition, take note of the location of water supply lines and gas valves. This should help cut down on water heater installation issues.

The Costs Involved

You will also want to think about the costs involved, prior to making a water heater purchase. As earlier noted, manufactured home water heaters are available in a wide variety of sizes, designs, capacities, and models. This means that for one, the purchase price will vary depending on these factors. In addition to the purchase price, the manufactured homeowner should also consider the water heater’s operational costs. In terms of purchase price, electric water heater models tend to be less expensive than their gas counterparts. On the other hand, sealed combustion gas water heaters cost more than standard gas water heaters. As per the operational costs, it is always a wise idea to go for an Energy Star Rated unit. This will allow you to save on your manufactured home’s energy costs.

Manufactured Home Water Heaters – Product Examples

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