Manufactured Home Kitchen Sink Faucets – Replacement Tips

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Having a manufactured home that is in good shape from the inside to the outside requires an overhaul regular maintenance. This ensures that whenever you are static or when it comes the time to move to a new location, you have less to worry about. Sink faucets are an important part of the kitchen’s décor. Additionally, the type of manufactured home kitchen sink faucets you have will have a huge impact on functionality, convenience, and control. If you realize that your  faucet is leaking, then it is a sign that it needs changing.

Manufactured Home Kitchen Sink Faucets

The manufactured home plumbing systems are somewhat different from the site-built home fixtures in a variety of aspects. However, one similarity with replacing the manufactured home plumbing and the traditional home is the challenges involved in locating the right parts and fixing. You are going to require almost the same parts, tools, and equipment to replace the kitchen sink faucets as would a traditional home. More importantly though, is to consider the overall style of the kitchen, the type of sink the faucet is installed on, and the longevity of the faucet. Brand and pricing are also important factors to look at. This being the case summary, below is a brief overview on how to choose replacement manufactured home kitchen sink faucets.

Manufactured Home Kitchen Sink Faucets – Selection Tips

Choose the Appropriate Type

There are two main types of manufactured home kitchen faucets that meet the regularized standards and those that will give your sink an amazing touch. These include high arch faucets and metallic high arch faucets.

1) High Arch Faucets

This type of manufactured home kitchen faucet is largely dependent on the type of sink you have. If you decide to go with this type of kitchen faucet, it’s better to determine the layout of your sink before making the purchase. First, check to see how many holes are in the sink. This is because the high arch faucets are available in two forms; with a sprayer and without a sprayer. A kitchen sink faucet with a sprayer will require your sink to have three holes.

2) Metallic High Arch Faucets

This is the type of faucets that will give your manufactured home kitchen sink that high-end luxury look. In today’s luxury kitchens, metallic high arch faucets are the most preferred because of the stylish beautiful curves. The handles are so attractive as compared to the knobs that are found in the standard kitchen faucets. If you enjoy cooking in your manufactured home, then having this type of kitchen faucet will make the cooking and cleaning exercises even more enjoyable. With metallic high arch faucets, you have even more room to fill large pots and you still have more workspace in the sink which is an added advantage a smaller manufactured home.

The Finish

Always ensure that the kitchen faucet has the appeal required to giving your kitchen that modern style type of finish. You have a lot of available options for that, there is chrome, satin nickel, and antic bronze finished faucets. For instance, an old style kitchen would do well with an antic bronze finished faucet while the chrome fits beautifully in a modern type of kitchen because of the shiny luster. For an all round kitchen, you won’t go wrong with a satin nickel finish. It is one option that never goes out of style. Satin nickel is as popular as it is easy to clean because it lacks that shiny finish.


Kitchen faucets for manufactured homes also exist in a wide variety of designs. The handles can be round, oval, or even irregular shaped. There are also single handle and double handle options to choose from. Colors may also vary widely. Whichever option you go for, make sure that it complements the rest of your kitchen sink’s look and feel.


Go for the kitchen faucets that are made of long lasting materials, this brings down unwanted replacement and maintenance costs. You will have less to worry about in the long run as opposed to having kitchen faucets that will start to rust and leak within the shortest time after installation.

In addition to the above, the brand you go for will also have an impact on pricing, ease of installation, design, as well as the end look and feel so choose wisely.

Manufactured Home Kitchen Sink Faucets – Product Examples

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