Manufactured Home Entrance Doors – Time For A New Door?

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Your home’s entry door is the first feature that a visitor notices before they enter your manufactured home. This means that it plays quite a huge role as far as exterior décor is concerned. Most importantly, the entry door serves as a barrier between the inside and the outside, meaning that it is one of the most important features when it comes to security in your manufactured home. Depending on the material it is made of, your entry door can also play a huge role as far as ventilation and natural light into your home are concerned.

This means that whenever you decide to upgrade your home’s exterior entrance door, you have quite a number of factors to think about. The same case applies to doors for interior entrances in your mobile home. For instance, you may have to consider the level of privacy and security needed as well as the size, design, and finish that will work best for your manufactured home’s theme and décor. Below is a more detailed look at some of the important things to think about before replacing manufactured home entrance doors.

Manufactured Home Entrance Doors

Manufactured Home Entrance Doors – Selection Options

Door Measurements

Not unless you are creating a new entrance through a place that previously had no door, your replacement door should be able to fit right into the space that was occupied by the previous door. Even if it’s a new entrance you are creating, you still have to know the right size that you will need. Some of the most common door sizes include 32X76, 34X76, 34X80, and so on depending on the specific door type and your manufactured home model. The best thing to do before buying a new entrance door is to take accurate measurements of the existing space, making sure that your measurements account for the door jamb and not the door alone.

Material of Construction

The construction material will not only determine your door’s quality, it will also have an impact on your home’s décor, and security. Wood, fiberglass, vinyl, steel, and aluminum are some of the most common materials used to make manufactured home entrance doors. For exterior entry doors, it is wiser to get a quality door made from a strong material such as stainless steel or hard solid wood. Most entry doors come with a metal bonded frame and foam insulation ready for installation. For interior entrance doors leading to rooms such as bathrooms and the bedroom, aluminum, vinyl, and faux wood variants can do.

Locks and Accessories

Security and privacy are highly important factors to consider as far as entrance doors are concerned. This means that in addition to the door’s quality, you have to figure out which type of locks you need to the door as well as the hinges. Both of these accessories are important since some locks are easier to break into than others.

For entry doors, consider going for a strong door with deadbolt locks. Thanks to technology advancements of today, keyless doors that require a passcode to gain entry are also available. It is also important to note the position of your door hinges, whether they are on the right or the left so that you pick a door that won’t require too much drilling and sealing work during installation. Also, figure out whether you need levers or doorknobs would be more convenient for you in the opening and closing of your entrance door.

Design and Finish

You will also want to consider picking an appropriate design for your entrance door in order to keep your exterior and interiors welcoming in terms of décor. Entrance doors are available in a wide variety of themes, shapes, and designs that you can easily choose based on preference. Depending on the material, some doors can easily be stained or painted, whereas others come with a permanent finish that is long-lasting. in the latter case, you would have to choose your entrance door really wisely.


Last but not least, the cost is an important factor to consider before replacing manufactured home entrance doors. Of course, you would want to think about the cost of purchasing the door as well as labor costs for installation. A professional is right to do the installation job. To ensure that you don’t go way above your budget, it is important to do some research and determine where they have the best prices for quality mobile home entrance doors. You will also want to choose your installer wisely as different professionals may have different rates for their services.

Manufactured Home Entrance Doors – Product Examples

1: 32″ X 74″ 9 lite Mobile Home prehung Fiberglass Door
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2: 38” X 68″ Prefinished Steel 9Lite Mobile Home Door
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3: Kinro 32″ X 74″ Combination Exterior Door
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