How to Get Solar Power for a Manufactured Home

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It is not advisable to put up a rooftop solar panel if you are living in a manufactured home. This is because their roofs are not capable of supporting solar panel array. But you need not worry since there can be many ways to improve energy efficiency in your manufactured house. Some of these options include ground-mounted solar systems and portable solar panels. Quite a lot of research has been done. It shows that manufactured homes are at a disadvantage as compared to conventional homes when it comes to energy efficiency. Before we get to how to get solar power for a manufactured home, it is important that we familiarize ourselves with the various benefits of solar power.

How to Get Solar Power for a Manufactured Home

How to Get Solar Power for a Manufactured Home – Benefits of Solar Power

Solar power is all about harnessing the energy from the rays of the sun. Despite the fact that the sun is a renewable energy resource, it is also highly environmentally friendly. Solar energy is also more economical in comparison to other sources such as hydro. Solar power is easy to install and require far much less maintenance. It can also be used in remote locations where the power grid could cost millions of dollars to reach. Most importantly, installing solar power will also increase the value of your manufactured home. But what are your options for getting solar power for a manufactured home?

1. Community Solar

This solar panel can be called either third party owned plants or community owned whose electricity is shared by a community. Community solar panel gives members of a mobile home or trailer community the opportunity to share the benefits of solar power even if the panels are not installed in their individual property. The community solar panel benefits its members with solar electricity, which is actually cheaper than the price they would pay ordinarily to their utility. It is also designed to bring clean, renewable power.

A solar entrepreneur can construct a solar firm and even sell individual panels to those with no electricity. In order for you to save the subscriber’s utility bills, you have to keep on adding new panels. So this method makes it easy to have solar power without having any panels on your property. If you’re a manufactured home owner that wants to become part of a mobile home community or park, it would be advisable to do your research online and check for the community solar projects currently in your area.

2. Ground Mount Solar Systems

Since manufactured roofs are in most cases weaker that is the case with conventional homes, a wiser decision would be to consider installing a ground-mounted solar system, which could actually make you savings in its long term. This can be done if you have room on the lot or property that your manufactured home sits on. This panel is supposed to face south where it is free from the obstruction of objects that might cause shadows during the day.

Ground mounted panels generally, in most cases, are the same cost as rooftop systems on a per-watt basis. This panel’s advantage is that it can be installed pretty much anywhere provided the conditions are favorable. They can also be highly beneficial for  homes with higher electricity demands and the roof isn’t big enough for the required capacity. the other advantage of ground-mounted systems is that they can easily be sized to meet your electricity consumption needs without worrying about space restrictions associated with rooftop systems.

3. Solpad

Solpad is another considerable alternative solar power source for your manufactured home. It is also known as individual portable solar panels that you can set up on the ground or the deck. Part of the panels includes a built-in battery storage unit and an inverter to convert solar energy into electric energy and store it for continuous use. To use it, locate a regular household electrical outlet and plug it in. If you require more power generation you can inter connect two or more Solpad panels. While using a Solpad, you get more control of your power usage while experiencing true energy independence. The panels use future-forward design, paired with a disruptive system integration level. Solpad is defining and creating sustainable energy that will make the power of the sun accessible to everyone.

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