How to Buy a New Manufactured Home – Make Home Ownership A Reality

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Even though it can sometimes get a little stressing and daunting, buying a new home is something that requires proper though since it’s a major investment. Before making a decision, it requires that as a consumer, you consider a number of important factors; especially if it is a manufactured home you are interested in buying. If you are well versed with some of the important factors to put into consideration, however, pitfalls can be easy to avoid and stay away from especially when dealing with manufactured home dealerships. Here are some things to take in account before learning how to buy a new manufactured home.

A successful purchase will basically depend on your knowledge and prior research about things such as average prices, financing, warranties, home sizes, and so on. With this information at your fingertips, you will not only save time and money, you will also avoid other potential problems that most homeowners face when buying a new manufactured home.

how to buy a new manufactured home

How To Buy A New Manufactured Home – Considerations

Deliberate On the Amount of Space You Need

The first and most important question to ask yourself is how big you want your new home to be. Depending on the number of people that will be living in your home or what your preferences are when it comes to indoor space, you will have to weigh your options right before buying a mobile home. Manufactured homes are available in a wide variety of size, features, and floor plans. Most commonly, they are available as single wides, double wides, and triple wides. The latter is typically the largest and can accommodate up to 3 or 4 bedrooms. Of course, you will have to choose these based on your needs, not forgetting that your choice will also affect the purchase price.

Consider The Home’s Features

It is also highly important to the features of a manufactured home carefully before buying one. Your home can be more comfortable and have a longer life expectancy depending on the type of features it comes with, especially when it comes to the construction material. For instance, a manufactured home with a shingled roof that is also well ventilated can last longer than one with a flat roof with poor ventilation. Make sure that the home has high-quality plumbing fixtures, vinyl siding as opposed to metal, and quality sub-flooring for maximum comfort and longevity.

Do Proper Research on Pricing

It goes without saying, that different manufacturers or dealerships will sell new manufactured homes at different prices. Do your research well to get the best deal from the market. However, don’t forget to prioritize on the features you are looking for, rather than making a decision solely based on price. Online reviews and customer testimonials can also be helpful in determining which manufacturer has the best deals on new manufactured homes. Sticking to local manufacturers may also help you cut the costs since you get to avoid things such as shipping and also assure you or easy return in case something was to go wrong.

Evaluate Your Financing Options

Just like it is with buying a conventional home, you don’t have to wait until you’ve saved enough to buy a new manufactured home. There are lots of financing options for mobile homes in the financial market these days. You can get financing from credit unions, banks, and even manufactured housing lenders. You can choose to get financing through mobile home dealers or directly from the lenders. The second option is always better since most dealers make commissions out of such financing deals. However, the beauty of using a dealer is that you get the opportunity for better negotiations if you know your options when it comes to financing and even manufactured home insurance. Also, seek to know how much will be required from you as down payment, and be sure to pick a loan whose monthly repayments you will comfortably be able to pay.

Consider Other Costs

It is also important to understand and evaluate all other costs that you may incur as the owner or the new manufactured home. Such costs may include the land where you place your home (rent or purchase), insurance, maintenance, taxes, and such. This will help you come up with a more comprehensive budget.

Don’t Forget Home Warranty

When choosing a manufacturer, be sure to confirm that they provide warranty for your home’s interior and interior, including appliances. The warranty is supposed to protect your investment from defective craftsmanship or other extreme issues.

Here is a list of manufactured home brands:

  1. Adrian Homes
  2. American Homestar
  3. Cappeart Homes
  4. Chariot Eagle
  5. Champion
  6. Commander Homes
  7. Crest Homes
  8. Deer Valley Homes
  9. Design Homes
  10. Destiny Industries
  11. Dutch Housing
  12. Eagle River Homes
  13. Excel Homes
  14. Fairmont Homes
  15. Fleetwood
  16. Giles Industries
  17. Golden West Homes
  18. Homark Homes
  19. Jacobsen Homes
  20. Karsten Homes
  21. Kent Homes
  22. Maple Homes Canada
  23. Maple Leaf Homes
  24. Moduline Homes
  25. New Era Homes
  26. OakCreek Homes
  27. Oakwood Homes
  28. Platinum Homes
  29. Ritz Craft Homes
  30. River Birch Homes
  31. Rochester Homes
  32. Scotbilt Homes
  33. Shamrock Homes
  34. Solitaire Homes
  35. Waverlee Homes

I hope that you can make use of the above info regarding how to buy a new manufactured home and make the possibility of owning a home, a reality.