Combination Convection Steam Ovens – How To Cook In The 21st Century

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As a form of heat energy, steam has been over the years put into a wide range of uses, from powering locomotives to heating up indoor spaces and even cooking. Most of this is due to its great versatility but even then, steam alone may not be enough, especially as far as cooking is concerned. in addition to lacking the capability to brown meats and achieve other things in the kitchen, steam’s temperature range tends to be limiting. This is probably one of the reasons today’s steam ovens combine this cooking method with convection. The resulting cooking appliance is known as a combo convection steam oven, which adds some extra and more reliable heat for cooking in your kitchen. Here’s what you probably didn’t know about combination convection steam ovens.

Combination Convection Steam Ovens

Combination Convection Steam Ovens – How It Works

Combination convection steam ovens, as the name suggests, use both steam and convection to cook your food. You will notice that this is a combination of two different cooking methods that can be used in conjunction with each other or separately.

Steam ovens are often powered by heated water and have a reservoir that requires filling with water prior to cooking. Some models, however, are connected to the home’s plumbing for a continuous supply of this water. When this water gets heated up, steam or hot moisture is produced in the oven. It is this heat from hot steam that cooks your food in the oven. The advantage of steam for cooking is that the resulting food retains more moisture, vitamins, and minerals, making it one of the healthiest cooking methods available.

On the other hand, a convection oven distributes heat inside the oven with the help of fans to cook your food. The heat is produced from a heating element, which is wrapped around a fan in most convection oven models. The resulting food is evenly cooked and the process is quick as the hot air is intense and at very high temperatures.

Combination convection steam ovens use both these methods together, harnessing the unique cooking qualities of both. In other words, they cook your food using both moist and dry heat. As a matter of fact, some models allow you to switch between the two, use them together, or even adjust the amounts of steam or dry heat used to cook your food.

Combination Convection Steam Ovens – The Benefits

One of the major benefits of the combined steam and convection oven is that you can bake or roast your food quickly as it can heat up to temperatures as high as 450 degrees Fahrenheit. You have the freedom to choose between the steam mode, the convection mode, and the combo convection-steam mode.

The combined steam convection oven can be a great choice of an appliance as it requires less fat and oils to cook your food. When cooking in steam mode, your food will also retain more nutrients, vitamins, and moisture than cooking in a water bath. Cooking grains, bread, rice, and custards become easy and quick using the steam mode while preparing browned meats is done in a flash using the convection mode. Your food is also more evenly cooked, thanks to the circulating heat convenience of the convection method. In summary, here are the major benefits of this combined steam-convection cooking appliance:

• High moisture retention for your food
• Avoid killing important nutrients in your food (e.g. minerals and vitamins)
• Healthier cooking with less oil and fats
• You get save on the cost of cooking oils and fats
• Cooks your food evenly
• Prepare your food quick using convection

Combination Convection Steam Ovens – Final Verdict

Looking at the many benefits it comes with, the convection-steam oven is definitely a huge plus. However, the major downside is that combination convection steam ovens can be quite costly. Nevertheless, depending on factors such as size, capacity, brand, model, it’s not hard to find a budget friendly oven.

Combination Convection Steam Ovens – Product Examples

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