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How to Get Solar Power for a Manufactured Home

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It is not advisable to put up a rooftop solar panel if you are living in a manufactured home. This is because their roofs are not capable of supporting solar panel array. But you need not worry since there can be many ways to improve energy efficiency in your

How to Buy a New Manufactured Home – Make Home Ownership A Reality

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Even though it can sometimes get a little stressing and daunting, buying a new home is something that requires proper though since it’s a major investment. Before making a decision, it requires that as a consumer, you consider a number of important factors; especially if it is a manufactured

My House Stinks! Some Tips To A Better Smelling Home

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“My House Stinks!” is a realization that’s had from time to time. It can be so intimidating to get to your home, only to be welcomed by a bad foul smell. In most cases, such kinds of odors originate from things like mold, mildew, pets, and smoke, just to